Discover Sohavi - Modern Jewellery with Soul

Modern jewellery with soul to be treasured for a lifetime...

Beauty, in all its guises, imagined or real, has been celebrated and personified in all manner of artistic expression, from painting, poetry, music and design, to art and jewellery, since time immemorial.

Sohavi means ‘beautiful’ in Gurmukhi, the language of the Sikhs. Beginning in 2011, Sohavi collections were originally shown at private events and yoga festivals and, as international interest grew, so did the demand for Sohavi to be more readily available.

I am Kenyan born, London-based designer, a published writer, passionate yogini and children’s yoga teacher. I was inspiredto create Sohavi, as I saw the gap for jewellery-inspired spiritual symbols that were not widely available in high quality, romantic and edgy styles. I've always had a passion for design as a child and learned how to sew as a teenager, strongly influenced by my mother's creative skills. I went on to graduate from Ravensbourne with a degree in Fashion and Textile Design. Finding myself at yet another crossroads in 2011, I just happened to chance upon some jewellery design sketches from 15 years ago as the wind blew some onto my desk, as I pondered ‘what next?’

 Inspired by this calling, these designs and others, tucked away and gathering dust, are my answers and inspired the boutique collection, ‘The One’, gorgeous pieces, designed from the heart and finished by hand. I am inspired by the great alchemists, the elements, adventure and beauty. Sohavi is designed for all, a fine balance of innovation and classicism.

Sohavi reflects the divine feminine, a fearless beauty, a woman of substance who in her quest for wellbeing and divine connection is experienced in ancient spiritual practices, like yoga, meditation, chanting, pranayama and dance.

It embodies and defines unique elements of style, an elegant and sophisticated expression of the magnificent self. Chosen by and for those with an eclectic taste and a desire to wear beautiful, quality jewellery with empowering spiritual meanings and soulful significance that keep her connected to her spirit, her breath, her source of strength and her faith. Designed to be worn every day.

Sohavi embraces the luxuriousness of 18K Gold vermeil, 18K Rose gold vermeil, Sterling silver, cultured freshwater pearls and incorporates naturally coloured precious gemstones organic mother of pearl that lend warmth and richness to its designs. Featuring bracelets with alluring stylish charms and pendants with meaningful spiritual symbols and delicate finishing details, these pieces are perfect gifts, to express all kinds of love.

Feminine, finely crafted and beautiful quality, Sohavi complements your lifestyle, since you are the artist of your own life, you are Sohavi. I feel deeply honoured every time you decide that one piece of Sohavi is not enough and you return to add another piece to your Sohavi collection.