Discover Sohavi - Modern Jewellery with Soul

Modern jewellery with soul to be treasured for a lifetime...

Beauty, in all its guises, imagined or real, has been celebrated and personified in all manner of artistic expression, from painting, poetry, music and design, to art and jewellery, since time immemorial.

Finding herself at yet another crossroads in 2013, London based , Kenyan born Designer Nicci Dhamu happened to chance upon some jewellery design sketches from more than 15 years earlier as the breeze blew some onto her desk, as she pondered ‘what next?’  Inspired by this calling, these designs and others, tucked away and gathering dust, were her answers. Designed from the heart and finished by hand. “I am inspired by the great alchemists, the elements, adventure and beauty” says Nicci.

Established online in 2015, Sohavi is an ancient mantra meaning beautiful in Gurmukhi. Creating  modern jewellery with soul that embodies grace, style and the alchemy of philosophical ideas, imbued into metals. Responsibly sourced, finely crafted high quality designs are made in sterling silver and with 22K Gold Vermeil, by artisans in Jaipur India; including a natural gemstone mala bead collection with signature luxurious silky tassles, designed from the heart finished by hand.

Sohavi reflects the divine feminine, a confident fearless beauty, a woman of substance who in her quest for purpose, connection and oneness is experienced in ancient spiritual practices of wellbeing. We’re showcasing eclectic design, some of heritage influences connecting today with a modern twist on iconic ancient designs which express the brand ethos of positive energy and oneness. Chosen by and for those with an eclectic taste and a desire to wear beautiful, quality jewellery with empowering soulful significance that keeps us connected to our spirit.

Our new collection Indian Renaissance takes influences and inspiration from the Mughal period early 16 – 18 century India. Our coin collection tells mystical stories about the culture and beliefs of the rulers of the lands , pillars of society, Guru’s, Kings, Deities and ancient symbolism. Journeying back in time where the creative expression of new visionary thoughts and ideas are vividly seen throughout ancient antiquities in arts, crafts, architecture , palaces textiles and of course jewellery.

The creative theme of the Modern Talismans and Amulets is that of enlightenment, courage, inner strength , gratitude, love, hope and the spirit of giving. Natural gemstones, and luxurious mother of pearl lend warmth and sparkle to collection
Sohavi, makes the perfect gift idea as the brand is rooted in soulful significance , embodying mystical ideas and beliefs that act as a gentle reminder of love and authentic connection , to be treasured for a life time.

We also accept bespoke requests in 18 and 22K gold. Feel free to drop us an email at