Waheguru's Angels

Waheguru's Angels

Hami's Poem

There is no greater measure of the love of Sohavi products when a loyal customer presents us with a beautiful poem. Satnam.

Hami Sura wrote an exceptional expression of the creatives intentions behind our jewellery designs. And there is nothing more satisfying for us than to be so appreciated and to know that the collection really does resonate the divine energy of love and vibrate a strong and very understandable message. Which is to embody the energy of our creator and the deeper meanings of these symbols in our daily practice as an expression of universal truth.

Whether it's yoga, meditation, chanting, in the preparation of the food we eat to the words we speak from the thoughts we think and our actions, do it with the practice of presence and empowerment. Acting from a place of kindness and peace. Everything that nourishes the temple of our soul and those around us.

Waheguru means "Oh wondrous divine universe, take me from darkness into light in Gurmukhi, the language of Sikhs. It is expressed as an exhilarating and powerful heart centred emotion. Imagine  feeling  mesmerised when looking up at a full moon, where the star's are sparkling so brightly, scattered in the night sky as far as your eyes can see, just taking your breath away "WOW " Waheguru !

Wahegurus's Angels

As I sat at the crossroads of the journey of my life
I waited to see the direction of the signs
I looked within to the Divine in us all
And my Waheguru's Angels answered my silent call

The creative vibrations are in the air... the space
the meanings in the breaths we take
In all the Universe ... every tiny seed and mighty tree
The visions of my Waheguru's will is free

When these designs of Sohavi I create a face
I only see my Waheguru's abundant grace
In every box I send I intone
A prayer of love, peace, happiness within your home, your soul

With every moulding of precious metal
I ask the Angels within them settle
The mission here is my service to you all
My rewards are your appreciation and from above a call

The spirit of each piece that is born
Is to exalts the name of infinity in form

My offerings have but one reason

To make beautiful the peace of Sohavi's creations ....


The Grace Bracelet,

Baby pink cultured freshwater pearls and sterling silver charmwith "Ik Oankar' one creator symbol




Lost for words? Hami Sura is a poet and writer. Hami writes bespoke wedding vows, love letters on behalf of hopeless romantics. Personalised poems and intentions and she does it with feeling and meaning. If you'd like to get in touch with her please do contact her. 


Email: hamisura@hotmail.com
Mob: 07775 436622