Guest Blog post By Kathryn McCusker Spring Reboot - Kundalini Style!

Guest Blog post By Kathryn McCusker Spring Reboot - Kundalini Style!

Spring Equinox is one of the four most powerful days of the year for manifestation and a good time to reboot on all levels.

Equinox literally means “equal night” in Latin and we use it to mark the change of seasons. This transition from shorter to longer days and more direct sunlight is an opportunity to synchronize your energy with the prana (life force) that is being released at this time.

After a long and cold winter, the body and mind craves sun energy to renew and revitalize. This is the time to shake off the winter cobwebs and awaken to the joyful and vibrant energies of spring!

The awakening of spring has been observed for centuries in countries around the world and is often marked through ritual. It is a time to celebrate hope and re-birth, coming together in community to support and uplift one another.

I love this time of year, as we see nature and people come out of hibernation, looking for energy to propel themselves forward with more enthusiasm and inspiration. I often like to do a mental and physical detox at this time, combining Kundalini Kriyas and Meditations with a Green Yogic Diet. It is a great time to step up your practice and to cleanse and renew on all levels.

Leverage the magic of the Equinox and celebrate this shift of season by letting go of something that no longer serves you and beginning something new that nourishes you.

So step out of the dark and into the light and come and celebrate this shift in season, as Kathryn McCusker shares revitalizing and energizing Kundalini Kriyas, Meditations and a Gong Bath, supported by Kat Drake on guitar. We will practice yoga, chant, dance, meditate and celebrate this pivotal time!

Optimize the Equinox Energies – Kundalini Shakti

17th March, 10am-12:30pm 

With Kathryn McCusker at  Triyoga Camden This workshop is the first of a series of 4 with Kathryn, focusing on the Solstices and Equinoxes throughout the year.

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Kathryn & daughter Isabella in Sri Lanka, where Kathryn was teaching Kundalini Yoga at Sen Wellness Sanctuary. Kathryn wearing the Sohavi Prosperity Mala. 💙