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Tiger Eye Necklace

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Step out wearing our energetic Tiger Eye style statement necklace with naturally dyed black Rudraksha Guru Bead.

Inspired by Buddhist prayer bead necklaces it is 90cm / 36 inch in length. Finished with a large hand dyed black Rudraksha Guru bead embraced with silver filigree fittings.

Rudraksha are natural seeds and traditionally worn by ancient yogis and sages. In Hindu mythology they represent Lord Shiv’s tears. It is said when the Lord was in deep meditation his tears that fell to Earth became the Rudraksha.

Of recent times there has been a growing trend to wear these seeds for health benefits, to lower blood pressure and to embalm a calming effect our our overall wellbeing. Scientists have discovered the seed has a very unique vibration not found anywhere else and worn to cleanse the aura, a field of light and energy around each being and worn as a tool to support us on our spiritual journey.

Our 5 mukhi Rudraksha is for wellbeing ( 5 mukhi meaning 5 faces or segments) There are different types of Rudraksha from one mukhi to 21 mukhi worn for different desired effects and some are extremely rare and highly priced. 

Hand made artisan product ,you can still purchase this necklace when out of stock please allow 4 weeks delivery.

Image is not to scale

8mm round tiger eye

Length 90cm/36inch