Wear your truth like a garland of roses. What does Satnam mean ?

Wear your truth like a garland of roses. What does Satnam mean ?


Truth resides in our hearts. It doesn't matter how much we may ignore the sign posts the intuition, the whisperings of the soul, when the heart and mind are in conflict what do we do...? How do we transform into clarity and reassurance that what we're feeling is our truth? 

And that the answers we seek are in that gut feeling. Trust it . Vibrations speak volumes and good vibes and not so good vibes. Understanding our own feelings comes through stillness where there is purity, clarity. Listening to music and sacred mantra brings peace into our minds and hearts lifting our spirits even when we don't understand it. Imagine breathing deeply through our heart centre and focus on the beauty in nature and around us.

And when we feel more positive and are able to disentangle our mixed up thoughts and feelings there is clarity, doubts begin to fade. It may not happen in an instant maybe a few hours we just have to let those feelings bubble up it may take hours, days even. Satnam means truth,  I know that when I'm wearing the Satnam bracelet or the Satnam pendant which is made from mother of pearl, it is a gentle reminder to help me to focus my breath and return my energy back home to my truth, faith and trust in my own heart. 

The truth that we see around us in nature cannot be denied, it is a decorative expression of our creator. Miraculously the molecular structure of mother of pearl grows organically and forms the lustrous resilient inner layer of shells and oysters from deep within the sea bed. Where the ocean currents caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon, gently stroke and caress the oysters in sometimes freezing cold and other times warmer waters.

Mother of pearl has very slight variances in the texture, size and iridescent colours as it is a natural organically formed material. All of these water currents have a role to play. Mother earths creative force dwells deep and natural, a divine symbolic expression of God. Patterns, colours, textures form uniquely making up the outer coating of pearls. So inspiring to use in Jewellery design. The Mother of pearl also known as Nacre has been used for centuries for a variety of decorative purposes and yet it's formation is not fully understood by science and it has been widely used in Jewellery found in antique and current day affordable luxury Jewellery.




















The Satnam Pendant. Sat means the eternal truth Nam means the connection. By connecting to the truth that we feel inside our heart through yogic breathing and meditation, we can try to still our minds so we can hear our intuition and speak, act authentically, project, embrace fearless self expression. Satnam is the quality of being true. A connection to and symbolic representation of the self expression of God which of course is eternal truth. Satnam also resonates with our fifth chakra in the throat region called the Vishudda meaning purification in Sanskrit, the centre of authentic communication and listening. 
















Although available in various dyed colours, the off white mother of pearl is our designer favourite it has not been bleached or enhanced in anyway . A neutral colour which can be worn to dress up whatever you are wearing for daytime or out for the evening it's modern, stylish artisan jewellery with soul. The word truth (Satnam) has been engraved in Gurmukhi letters and hand finished in gold, it will never go out of style.


These designs have been inspired by the decorative ivory floral inlay work at the Golden temple in Amritsar, India. Seen only on the doors of the Darshani Deorhi (the main entrance). The gate is made of Indian rosewood, the front overlaid with silver, the back inlaid with ivory. The silver-plated front is ornamented only with panels. At the back are square and rectangular panels with geometrical and floral designs, in which are elegantly depicted birds, lions, tigers and deer. Some of the ivory inlay is coloured green and red a harmonious combination of colours come together in a decorative Mogul style of the era.

Here you can see the mool mantra the first stanza of the poetic scripture called the Jap ji Sahib as composed by Guru Nanak in the 15 Century. It has been hand chiseled on a fluted dome design covered with gilded copper. Below the Ik Oan Kar symbol is the word Satnam in the first line. This can be found above the main entrance of the Golden Temple leading onto the causeway.


There are some beautiful unique styles of decorative lotus flowers and various floral designs at the Golden Temple as well as flower of life designs in marble inlay. Incorporated are different styles of design and workmanship, The raised decorations are mainly floral and abstract and Mughal in essence as most of the craftsmen were of Islamic origin. 


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