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Guru Nanak Coin necklace in sterling silver with 22K gold Vermeil features a small ruby in the right foot . Has a stylish rectangular link adjustable chain . The reverse side of the coin design features the ancient  mantra Satnam , Waheguru and Ik Onakar symbol is 25mm in diameter.
Reverse side of the Sohavi Guru Nanak coin necklace features the ancient mantra Satnam & Waheguru  in Gurmukhi script. Centred is the Ik Oankar symbol . Sterling silver with 22K gold Vermeil.
Sohavi Guru Nanak Coin necklace in stylish rectangular link chain .


Guru Nanak Coin Necklace

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The Guru Nanak Coin celebrates Guru Nanak’s greatest legacy the spirit of giving using symbols that are easily recognised and understood in relation to stories of his lifetime of inspiration and achievements offering hope and dignity to those less fortunate.

The lotus flowers embody the qualities of his life, the water “pani  pita” - water giver of life within which he immersed himself and experienced enlightenment. The halo of light around his head and also included in the right charan (foot ) is a cubic zirconia.
It is said when the Hindu pandit visited baby Nanak , the mark of a star in the right Padam, also described as lotus feet was seen, signifying a shining star, an Avtar, a man of God.
Some may understand it to be a point of focus for meditation. Which ever way we choose to interpret the symbolism and message it conveys, Guru Nanak was a shining star in every sense of the word.

The back of the coin design includes sacred mantra manifested by Guru Nanak during his experience of enlightenment , Ik OanKar , one divine creator , Satnam meaning true is his eternal divine essence , and Waheguru meaning wow , oh wondrous universe  in Gurmukhi script.

The pendant has a stylish rectangular link chain which can be worn at 16 or 18 inches.

For bespoke orders in 18/22K gold drop us an email where we can make it for you here in Hatton Garden .


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Materials Sterling silver with 22K Gold Vermeil & Ruby 

Diameter of coin is 25mm

Weight 11 grams