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Lotus Hand Hamsa Necklace

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Symbols are considered the earliest forms of communication, the Sohavi mother of pearl  Lotus hand necklace is a modern Talisman . In Hinduism and Buddhism the Hamsa represents the energy chakras, that flow through the body and connect with the five senses it felt appropriate to place a lotus flower in the centre of a contemporary style Hamsa which represents the heart centre, purity and protection of God, edged with sparkly micro pave cubic zirconia. 
This is a talisman dating back 2,000 years and pre dates most world religions, most popular in the Middle East and Egypt, originally discovered in Iraq and widely recognised and cherished as a sacred symbol, known as the hand of God. It has a universal meaning transcending religious indoctrines and cultural differences.  

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Sterling Silver 22K Gold Vermeil 

Luxurious mother of pearl with micro-pave cubic zirconia .

Adjustable 16/18 inch fine link chain and clasp .

Weight 6 Grams