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Gratitude Coin Bracelet

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The Tera bracelet celebrates Guru Nanak Ji’s greatest legacy the spirit of giving .

Featuring the Gurmukhi numerals 13 pronounced Tera in Punjabi & Hindi also mean your’s.
Expressing deep gratitude to God, supreme being , divine universe and abundance.
The number 13 is considered highly auspicious in spiritual philosophy.

“This is a coin I designed to commemorate Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s greatest legacy the spirit of giving featuring the lotus flower which was his divine essence, cut rubies forming a 5 petal flower in a traditional method of stone setting emanating the hand made qualities of ancient coins and antiquities of the 15th century. I also included the word Tera in Gurmukhi seen to the right of the ruby flower “ says designer
Nicci Dhamu taking inspiration from a rich and ancient Indian heritage designed from heart finished by hand; “I hope it acts as a gentle reminder to live in gratitude because every day gratitude magics joy, love and abundance it’s magnetic “.

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Sterling silver with 22K Gold vermeil 6 faceted rubies with high quality finish to ensure longevity.

Weight 8 grams