Spriritual symbols with beautiful meanings

Spriritual symbols with beautiful meanings




..... to be treasured for a lifetime.

Beauty, in all its guises, imagined or real, has been celebrated and personified in all manner of artistic expression, from painting, poetry, music and design, to art and jewellery, since time immemorial. Spiritual symbols have existed for thousands of years in various religions and cultures, from the flower of life, seen in sacred geometry in nature, in the elements, as well as in the cellular form of creation within the human body. Many spiritual symbols have been established in ancient times by enlightened masters or Guru’s and have been passed through lineages. The extensive use of sacred spiritual symbols helps bring mystical significance and understanding of the configuration of the universe through religious theologies, traditions and values to present times.

Sohavi means beautiful in Gurmukhi, the language of the Sikhs. Ethically made and finely crafted by artisan jewellers in high quality 18k gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Luxurious Sohavi jewellery is modern jewellery with soul which celebrates the creative divine feminine. A fearless beauty, a woman of substance who in her quest for wellbeing and spiritual connection is experienced in yoga and meditation.




Central to the design of this stylish collection is the one divine creator symbol known as Ik Oankar. This sacred symbol transpired over 500 years ago created by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh religion. Ik is the first letter meaning one; the second letter of the symbol is Oankar meaning God or creator. Inspired by one of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s quotes “Those who have loved are those that have found God”, the Sohavi Heart of Gold necklace has the symbol adorned on a love heart design that enables her to touch, feel and connect with her breath and prana - her life force.



The Princess collection features the Sikh Khandha also known as the Adi Shakti amongst yogi's in the West as the symbol of infinity available in 18k gold vermeil & diamond as well as in sterling silver with cubic zirconia.


They are perfectly matched with earrings to compliment. This symbol resonates the primal feminine creative power also known as the divine feminine energy within us.  Men and Women alike have masculine energy, often identified with the right side of the body and feminine energy within us is identified with the left side of the body, referred to as Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, Ida and Pingala in Yoga.

There are many ways one can tune into connect and honour our divine energy as we are all vessels to this life force.

1. Through mindful Yogic breathing.

2. Grounding ourselves with mother nature by walking barefoot in the grass.

3. Lying down on our front with arms spread wide opening the heart centre closing our eyes   visualising our breath flowing into all areas of our body and pressing the navel centre and our forehead deep into the ground. Connect to the energy of mother earth by feeling  the pulsation of your navel centre pressed into the ground and allow yourself to sink into it. 

4. Step out in the night of a full moon and immerse yourself in the divine energy of a full moon breath in love for yourself.

5. Create a sanctity, a beautiful sacred space in the home where you can focus your devotion to your God and to the practice of presence. You can create an altar, display an image of your Guru some flowers, fragrance, incense, your mala beads, whatever you consider sacred to the calling of your spirit.

The Princess collection will compliment your practice of presence. A delicate and expertly crafted fine piece of jewellery that connects you to your sacred spirit.

There are three elements to the design. A chakra circle, which embodies the perfection of an eternal god that has no beginning and no end. The kirpans, which are two curved, single edged swords symmetrically placed, representing spiritual and temporal power. They are held in divine balance by the khandha which is a double-edged neutral sword placed in the centre. This symbol signifies empowerment and protection for the wearer and to unite the mind body and spirit honourably in daily actions.

Sohavi is designed for all, a fine balance of innovation and classicism. It embodies and defines unique elements of style, an elegant and sophisticated expression of the magnificent self. Chosen by and for those with an eclectic taste and a desire to wear spiritual symbols with beautiful meanings

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