Inspired... The Prem Collection - Enter the Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine competition to win the necklace in the September 2015 issue

Inspired... The Prem Collection - Enter the Om Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine competition to win the necklace in the September 2015 issue


The Prem Collection

Inspiration comes from many places. From our environment, music, reading poetry written by sages found in holy scriptures. It creates a space for contemplation from deep within the heart to be in spirit. Feelings and thought provoking images of vast distant spaces travelled too. Silences enjoyed and breath taken deeply where fragrant aromas carried by the gentle breeze, lingered in the air, infusing my senses with the divine spirit of the elements. Sunshine and that summer feeling is always the start of new beginnings. When once again, natures life cycle has begun re-birthing, the roses start to grow, birds singing in the ambrosial hours at dawn, calling upon us to wake up to meditate. A new day, a happy thought, the promise of a new love, a new goal, renewed faith, hope and courage to keep going ahead on our journey. Breathing long deep breathes mindfully keeps us in the present so that we can enjoy our precious, borrowed time here.

The inspiration for this collection is love, honouring oneself, honouring the love you have for others, for nature and timeless, ever existing divine love. A gentle reminder of love of humanity, creation of peace amongst warring communities in troubled times and natural disasters where families are parted, lost and children orphaned. Love and compassion is the greatest healer.

An enchanting theme of first love and reincarnation comes to life in a 2014 movie called “The Best of Me” based on the novel written by Nicholas Sparks in 2011. Actress Michelle Monagham playing the lead role, wears a delicate gold pendant that looked incredibly elegant and chic. Apart from a few tears whilst watching the movie last year, I found myself in admiration of that piece of jewellery, it just kept catching my eye.

I came away with the idea that I wanted to create a piece that was just as effortlessly elegant to wear in size and shape, yet spoke volumes, with the word “Prem” meaning love written in an italic style of Gurmukhi, similar to the prem charm bracelet. Those of you that have Prem pendant or the lustrous Prem bracelet will be familiar with the curiosity it evokes. It’s definitely a conversational piece, unique in design and appeals to all ages, so versatile to wear in the daytime or for the evening. It can also be worn both ways as the other side of the pendant has love in English.

There are many, many words for love in Indian poetry, piyar, preet, ishq amongst some of them. I loved prem, because it comes from a sacred verse written by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, a musician, poet, philosopher, saint and spiritual warrior of the 16th Century. 

 Jin prem kio tin hee prabh paayo”

“Only the one who is absorbed in True Love shall attain the Lord"

Love is sacred. Of all human emotions love is the only emotion that is real when all other emotions fade, love is all that remains. Spiritual teachers including, Bhagat Farid, Kabir Sahib are amongst 16 Sages and Sufi saints who’s poetry has been deeply honoured and included, alongside the Sikh Guru’s, in the holiest scripture of the Sikh faith the Guru Granth Sahib compiled by Guru Arjun Dev Ji in 1606 A.D. Their scared verses are contemplations, visualisations and descriptions written about their love of god, nature and immortal beauty in all it’s celebrated forms. The theme of divine love is central to and often symbolic of a love between two different energetic polarities similar to that of a man and women, man and God.

The Prem pendant comes in a beautiful 18 inch snake chain, available in 18K Gold Vermeil, 18K Rose Gold Vermeil and classic Sterling Silver. Love written in Gurmukhi has a very personalised feel to it. Shop the collection at It makes a beautiful gift for someone you love or as a present to yourself. It comes gift wrapped.

To win the Prem necklace in 18K gold vermeil enter the competition as featured in the September issue of Om Yoga and lifestyle magazine here.