Sacred Rituals

Sacred Rituals

Lord Ram “ Trust your love to overcome any challenges”

As I flicked through my favorite art books some treasured buys from past exhibitions at the Victoria & Albert museum design ideas for our new collection flowed with ease and I thought a beautiful collection of  symbolic ancient coin designs would shine light on Indian history especially Mogul history which holds incredible artistic significance that has heavily influenced creative expression even  in modern day.

“Fittingly the collection is called Indian Renaissance” says designer Nicci Dhamu, turning towards her rich cultural and artistic heritage of the East. Although most of this period was of turmoil upheaval and demonic acts of human rights the Moghul emperor Akhbar known as the philosopher king became a beacon of light and realised a philosophy of unity amongst all communities regardless of their religion would bring a peaceful and prosperous 50 year rule.

Towards the end of his reign he minted a pure gold coin to honour the Hindu deities Lord Ram and Sita. Lord Ram is seen holding his spear and Sita a lotus flower; a symbol of purity, rebirth and enlightenment, theirs is a story of spiritual love.  

Inspired by this four centuries old coin engraved with the forms of Lord Ram and Sita the inscription on the other side is a clue about its historical value  "Amardad Ilahi 50", meaning the 50th year of the reign of Akhbar minted between 1604-1605. The coin is spiritually symbolic of an inclusive empire that Akbar envisioned during his final years, where all religions could live together in peace and harmony, and the birth of a new way of life known as Sulh-e-Kul a Persian word translated as universal peace or peace with all.

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Sacred rituals are significantly important to all religious practices since time immemorial. Traditionally the ritual of lighting a jot in ancient Indian religions has always been done by making a wick which floats on homemade ghee (clarified butter) in a vessel, and the wick is gently lifted and cut when burnt close to the ghee to allow it to burn continuously. The jot meaning light is then tendered to carefully throughout prayers that can carry on for day and night. It is said some ancient places of worship have the exact same jot burning for 100s of years tended to devotionally.


So what is the significance of lighting a jot, or candle ?

The light signifies our prayer, which is offered in faith, entering the light of God. It also shows reverence and our desire to remain present in prayer and divine energy even as we continue on our day.  The connection of mind and heart,  oneness with the jot, the light is also a purification of our soul as well as our environment creating a sanctified space with ceremony; together with immersing oneself in the recital of sacred powerful mantras or uplifting devotional music.

 As as we head towards the holiday season it’s important to keep the theme of peace and goodwill burning bright at the core of festivities, as it can also be a stressful time.

Here are some suggestions that we feel will help us to refocus our efforts for self care and to turn to inner peace, so we can enjoy time out for relaxation to help us process the emotional ups and downs of daily life and the festive holidays. It’s also important to remember that not everyone will be surrounded by family or friends, which ever situation  we find ourselves in it’s important to be at peace within ourselves. Take time out for meditation, deep relaxation maybe  gaze upon the light of a candle drawing it into our hearts whilst sitting in silent contemplation and reflection.

Our dear friend Pam Weinstock is a London – based designer who turns her evocative travel photography into bold and beautiful fashion and lifestyle products including relaxation masks and hand made candles which compliment self care rituals.


Each of her designs tells a unique story captured in a far-away place: from gazing at graceful koi in the waters of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, to discovering the perfect Aperol spritz on a rainy day in Venice . Pam has  created a collection of scarves, hair accessories and exotic holiday  essentials such sarongs and a boutique collection of dresses that are so versatile they  can worn throughout the year

In Conversation with Pam

What is the inspiration for your candles?

Inspiration for my candles comes through my travel photography, I try to marry together visual and sensory elements to create the perfect scent which is a reflection of my travel journeys.

And how are you involved in the creation of the fragrance ?

I am very involved with the creation of each candle I work with a British producer who are a husband and wife team. It’s really important to know where each scent comes from - it’s the candle foot print if you will. They are a small outfit and don’t mass produce which for me is important .

How does fragrance affect mood and relaxation ?

Fragrance is very important as it sets the scene for our mood, smell can uplift us, relax us and send us to sleep.

Which fragrant notes in particular are highly effective in aiding relaxation?

Notes of Rose and Sandalwood I think are very subtle and soothing for the soul like our Urban Rose limited edition candle.

Alongside fragrant candles, the relaxation experience can be enhanced by our eye masks.