Open heart, open mind introducing chanting and yoga to your child

There are lots of benefits of yoga and chanting for children ( 5 mins read ) as a passionate children’s yoga teachers I wanted to share these with you.

Children don’t often come to yoga with the hang-ups, set backs, pain and injuries that adults have to contend with. Generally speaking, a child’s body is more open and receptive as is the heart, mind and spirit. And kids who can start a yoga practice at an early age will learn how to manage stress in life as they grow up and move through life. Words like peace, calm, love and relaxation will become a natural addition to their vocabulary.

5 reasons your child must do yoga

A Mental Break – Kids need opportunities for mental breaks! They need time away from what is expected of them in school, from after-school activities, from television, from video games…they need time just to BE. They need time to enjoy “down time” that seems to be lacking in our culture just like grownups. In fact, they crave it.

Feelings of Accomplishment – There is no way to “fail” at yoga. Yoga instills a sense of accomplishment that translates into other activities in life. We work on postures and break them down and go over them in a way that is fun and challenging but the idea of failure is never introduced. Every movement, big or small, is a success. Each and every child is a “winner” at yoga. It doesn’t matter the size or ability. The ability to sit in easy meditation posture is just as important as the ability to move into a more challenging posture. Each child learns that they naturally have a pose they are really good at and they are encouraged to be the “master” of that natural ability and then share it with others but also to move into areas (asana or meditation) and give it a go. Most importantly a child’s young developing body gains strength, balance and better cognition.

Fearlessness – Kids don’t carry around fear the same way adults do but getting into yoga early gives children a distinct advantage in the fear department as they grow up. Learning shoulder stand or doing a tricky balancing posture are activities that lead them into the idea that they are strong and capable and can do anything. Tackling these types of poses teaches them that they can overcome fear by meeting it head on and then move into an area where they can fly (literally and figuratively).

Focus – Yoga helps kids focus. Taking time to focus on one thing at a time is a powerful skill. In yoga, kids learn to focus on their breath throughout their yoga class and there is an emphasis on breath during guided meditations. They learn to focus on a singular movement in a yoga pose. They learn to tune into what’s happening on the inside rather than what’s happening on the outside. This helps them tremendously when taking tests, reading, completing homework and sets them up for completing tasks that are required in school and at home through focus and emotional balance.

Fun – Yoga is FUN! It’s play time and not all seriousness. They learn that everyone falls and everyone gets up and tries again. Yoga is non competitive. Everyone is encouraged to move forward at their own pace. Each child is honored. There are group hugs. There is a ton of laughter and the environment is one of support, respect and togetherness.

Chanting can be introduced to children as a song getting them to sing along to widely available mantra music including  Waheguru, Allah. Om, a whole mantra such as ang sang Waheguru meaning the guru is with me all the time.  It could also be a positive  affirmation such as I am light, I am love, I am loved.

A practice of chanting can be up lifting as children are easily connected to their hearts when they sing, making them feel happy and enables them to release any built up negative emotions. Our collection of Mala bead necklaces are available in 27 beads which are easier for a child to hold and doesn’t need to touch the floor, children learn to appreciate that their chanting is a sacred practice and that they can achieve a sense of wellbeing during and afterwards. 
Please do send us an email to order the shorter length beads.