Are you listening to the whisper's of your soul?

Are you listening to the whisper's of your soul?


Are you listening to the whisper's of your soul?



I can remember sitting in a Sikh temple in the early 1980's as Yogi Bhajan and a group of yogi's visiting from the USA floated through the temple doors wearing white turbans, flowing cotton kurta's and silk chiffon chuni's. The atmosphere felt electric with the vibration of Kirtan (sacred music) and he spoke extensively about the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Iwas in my early teens and it is true to say I must have been mesmerised, I'd made a decision that Kundalini Yoga was the yoga that I was going to do. It wasn't until many years later one hazy summer evening when a flyer came through door, inviting me to take a Kundalini Yoga class at our local church hall, was I able to truly experience and appreciate it.

And so....this was the beginning of my metamorphosis as an individual going through a personal crisis and what disentangled was the most magical opportunity to explore and embrace feminine power, tapping into my creative source to align myself with my destiny which took several years from then on. Kundalini yoga came to me when I needed it most.

I did take the scenic route for a while as just 'being' was so much more important than 'doing'. Digging my heels in the white sands, soaking up the sun on my travels immersed in yoga practice at sunrise and sometimes even at sunset. 

Some of the practice I'm sure was a karmic cleansing as it became a spiritual quest of knowing myself. I was feeling nourished  and renewed at a cellular level. I had rinsed myself out and made space inside for something much healthier and positive. 

I was in my element feeling happy, centred within myself and blissed out in authentic freedom. A few years later, I was inspired to start a brand of jewellery called Sohavi, an ongoing labor of love. I also trained to teach children yoga having experienced the benefits myself and really wanted to share my love of yoga with children.

My dance with Kundalini yoga has sometimes been a deeply heart cleansing experience and at other times I've just dipped my toes for a quick fix, recharging my spiritual batteries. Divine grace has appeared like a rainbow, even more visible at every defining moment of my journey so far.

Kundalini energy is raised in all types of yoga as I have experienced and enjoyed.  This energy which has been written about in sacred ancient Vedic texts has been described as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. The practice of Kundalini Yoga in particular is altogether different from other schools of yoga. The breath work is intensively detoxifying and with regular practice one can benefit from razor sharp mental clarity, heightened intuition bringing balance in daily life making better choices.

One could probably burn more calories taking a Kundalini Yoga class than one would in a gym class. It can be physically intense on many levels. Our consciousness is raised when we tune into the energy inside as keeping our eyes closed in a KY class is encouraged very much to experience a state of inner calm, staying connected and honouring our heart space in the union of our mind body and spirit .

Kundalini is rising amongst many in London as classes are more widely available to a tsunami of emerging spiritual warriors.

Hosted by an amazing collective of the U.K.'s highly esteemed yoga teachers presenting yoga workshops, deep relaxation and gong baths together with exceptionally gifted musicians singing kirtan to inspire you to raise your vibration. Come and encapsulate your spirit in the company of ‘sangat’ (meaning like minded people). Escape from every day routine and be together with people from all walks of life to celebrate life. As music does, it will pull at your heart strings and touch your soul. On the menu is a savouring vegetarian diet to infuse all your senses for an all together fulfilling holistic experience in one place with one tribe and children are most welcome!