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Sohavi Ancient Indian Coin Bracelet

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Ancient coins tell stories about the rulers of lands, cultural heritage as well as hold spiritual values.  Inspired by a rare Ancient Indian coin featuring the elephant, important and symbolic of beauty power, dignity and strength as well as intelligence and peace, elephants have long been featured in ancient arts and crafts in South Asia. The story of the Buddhas inception comes to mind; it is said that when Siddhartha Gupta,  Buddha’s mother was pregnant with him she dreamt a white elephant bent down and presented her with a beautiful white lotus from his trunk. The elephant then proceeded to circle her 3 times before entering her womb. When she woke up from this dream she knew that she had been blessed with divine omen.
Also featured in this coin are trees and geometric shapes that are similar to 6 arm symbols, the back of the coin design is blank.

Jewellery with soul makes the perfect gift idea.
With a stylish rectangular link chain the bracelet can be worn at 6 -7.5 inches.

Image not to scale 

Materials Sterling silver with 22K Gold Vermeil 

Adjustable 7/7.5 inch rectangular link chain and clasp.

Weight 5 Grams